The short summary of the so far PAMEP action

The beginning of the new calendar year and the approaching end of the first successful semester of PAMEP studies is a good opportunity for the short summary of the so far activity of our new program. Last year the program has been accepted at Adam Mickiewicz University for the first time and we started the advertisement of our studies relatively late in May. As a result, at the end of the recruitment we had 19 registrations for the 15 total places available. 10 students passed the interview, and finally, after the first month of the studies, 6 students remained. A small number of students in the pilot first year turned to be beneficial to test the key concepts of the program and the possible introduction of minor corrections. We have organized the preliminary registration for the next academic year and so far there are already 11 new candidates from 7 different countries registered. Therefore, we expect that from October 2019 the PAMEP program will continue in full way with all the available places filled with the first year students.