Practical Courses

List of specialized and practical courses (for the second, third and fourth semester, 15 h, students will choose 11 courses in total):

  1. Fabrication and analysis of surface nanostructures II (M. Kempiński)
  2. Introduction to polymer physics and lattice Monte Carlo simulations of polymers (J. S. Kłos)
  3. Time-resolved laser spectroscopy (J. Kubicki/G. Burdziński/K. Dobek)
  4. Computational Studies of Electronic and Energy Transport in Nanosystems (T. Kostyrko)
  5. Nuclear magnetic resonance (A. Pajzderska)
  6. Molecular dynamics simulations I (A. Pajzderska)
  7. Liquids in confinement; the novel phases in nanopores (M. Śliwińska-Bartkowiak)
  8. Preparation and characterization of solar cells (M. Ziółek)
  9. Fundamentals of control engineering (J. W. Kłos)
  10. Optical microscopy: from bright field to confocal fluorescence (J. Gapiński)
  11. Spectroscopic characterization of down- and up-converting nanomaterials (T. Grzyb)
  12. Optical lattices as a quantum simulators (T. Polak)
  13. Introduction to fluorescence spectroscopy (W. Giera)
  14. Brillouin scattering (A. Trzaskowska)
  15. Modeling of self-organization in molecular systems (M. Banaszak)
  16. Micromagnetic simulations (P. Gruszecki)
  17. Fabrication and analysis of surface nanostructures I (M. Wiesner)
  18. Spectroscopic properties of photosynthetic pigments (S. Szewczyk)
  19. Electron Microscopy (G. Nowaczyk)
  20. X-ray diffraction and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) (M. Jarek)
  21. Atomic Layer Deposition technique (M. Jancelewicz)
  22. Focused Ion Beam technique (K. Załęski)

Moreover, the Faculty offers additional lectures and courses held by visiting renowned scientists from overseas. Such courses will be announced ahead of time and student’s participation might result in obtaining credit from another lecture or course from the basic curriculum of a similar subject matter.